How To

Applying Custom Lashes

Working from the outer corner to the inner corner can be helpful to align your segments, but if working from your inner corner is easier for you, that’s okay too!


With your Custom Lashes Applicator, pick up the first segment within the curvature at the middle of the Extension segment.


Using your non-dominant index finger, pull your eyelid up slightly so you can see from your waterline to the end of your lashes.


With your Applicator in your dominant hand, gently bring the lash segment to touch your lash 1-2 mm from the waterline. Once it connects, gently pinch and hold together for 3 seconds with your Applicator.


Our first segment is now applied! Continue the process for the remaining Extensions to finalise your eye-map.


After 4-5 minutes, using the curved angle of the Applicator, clamp down on your lashes to secure them all in place.


Voilà! You have just completed your own set of Custom Lashes extensions!

Check out our video of this process here!


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