I haven’t put on strip lashes/extensions before. Can I use Custom Lashes?

Absolutely! Custom Lashes are for every woman, no matter age, experience or familiarity with lashes!

We have a detailed ‘Step-by-Step’ guide here with videos to help you along the way. Once you become familiar with your Custom Lashes, it’ll be second nature.

What’s the best way to get started with Custom Lashes?

We made our ‘Lash Extension Starter Kit’ specially designed with all the tools needed to create your own Custom Lash Extensions!

You can also choose any of our Pre Mapped Extensions as a part of your kit.

How do I apply my Custom Lashes?

Don’t worry gorgeous, we’ve got you! Follow our‘How-To’step-by-step guide with videos, and we can go through the initial process together.

I had a negative experience with lash extensions which damaged my natural lashes. Will Custom Lashes do the same thing?

Not at all, we designed our Remover to create the gentlest removal, which is up to 100% damage-free.

You can find our ‘Remover’ here and our ‘Removal Guide’ with videos here too.

How long will my Custom Lashes tools last me?

Our Bond and Remover are both 3-month supplies meant to keep you going for a whole season! At least.

Because of their strength and durability, you won’t need to waste product or apply excessively, which is sometimes what can happen with eyelash glues.

How long does it take to do my Custom Lashes?

We made our system as fast as possible for the modern-day woman, which takes as little as 5-minutes but lasts for up to a whole week!

The more you apply your Custom Lashes, the quicker you get!

I wear glasses. Can I use Custom Lashes?

Absolutely, Custom Lashes are for every woman!

We offer our ‘shorter styles’ in ‘Pre Mapped’, which sit very comfortably under glasses

We also have our shorter Custom Lashes Extension lengths in our ‘Trays’ for the perfect fit beneath frames.

Are Custom Lashes water-resistant?

Yes! Although we recommend being gentle with them in the water, they stay put when used with our bond.

For the best results, dab them dry with a clean towel after being wet and use our spoolie to fluff them up!

Are Custom Lashes reusable?

Yes! Designed for reuse in mind, if you follow our guide here for‘removal’and‘cleaning your Custom Lashes’, they will be good to go again.

I have really sensitive eyes. Will I be okay using Custom Lashes?

Yes! We have formulated and tested our products according to international standards to ensure that all skin and eye types are able to use Custom Lashes without irritation.

Do you offer trays as well as Pre Mapped styles?

Absolutely! You can find our ‘Pre Mapped’ designs here as well as our ‘Trays’ too.

Pre Mapped is a great way to begin your Custom Lashes journey, and then after you get familiar, our Trays allow you to get creative.

Do my Custom Lashes need mascara?

One of the best things about Custom Lashes is that you don’t need to use mascara anymore! Your Custom Lashes will make your eyelashes thicker and fuller all week long. They are designed just to be worn on their own.

Can I sleep, shower, go to the gym and do all my other activities with my Custom Lashes on?

Absolutely Custom Lashes are your new lash extensions which stay on for up to a week! No need to remove them between showering, sleeping or working out: they accompany you through everything.

Are there different lengths of Custom Lashes?

Yes! We have provided the most universal sizes to you to match all eye shapes.

Our ‘Pre Mapped’ styles gradually increase in length to your outer corner for the most natural finish.

Our ‘Trays’ provide the same lengths in multiple segments:

  • 10mm (short)
  • 12mm (medium)
  • 14mm (long)

Do Custom Lashes come in different styles?

Yes, we have created a specific line of styles for you to have some fun with, from the most natural to the boldest!

Have a look ‘here’ for our Pre Mapped styles and ‘here’ for our Trays!

Am I able to layer Custom Lashes?

Most definitely, our ultra-fine lash bands allow you to customise and get creative with how you want to build your lash look.

Once the first set has dried (see here for ‘How-To’), you can redo the process with one, two or a whole new set of segments to turn up the volume!

Buying from ethical companies is important to me. Is Custom Lashes cruelty-free, and how do they help the environment?

Custom Lashes is 100% cruelty-free and vegan and always will be! No products are ever tested on animals.

We also ensure our products are reusable and recyclable to help our customers make the best choice for our environment – we as companies can all do our part!

Do you have some videos to help me?

We love making videos to help give a bit of guidance along the way! You can find our ‘How To’ videos here.

We also have our ‘TikTok’ and 'Instagram' which is full of tutorials and other tips :)