How To

Cleaning and Reusing


The best part about our process is that Custom Lashes can be reused again and again! We can now go through some steps to get them ready for reapplication:


Baby Shampoo makeup remover or alcohol (like Isopropanol Alcohol) will both do the trick to get your Custom Lashes like new again.


Fill a small pot or container with whichever eyelash cleaner you have available. 

Place all the segments inside and leave for around 5 -20 minutes or even for a day. (the longer you leave it, the easier it will come off!)


Handy tip: give your Custom Lashes Applicator a clean too by soaking it in the same cleaner of your choice. This will help the following application to make sure the lashes don’t stick to the applicator when applying.


Next, grab some paper towel and place the segments on the dry surface. Then, using a spoolie, gently brush through the lashes to remove any bond which is left.


For the final touch, to make sure no makeup remover or alcohol is left on the lashes, fill the small container with some warm water and give them a rinse in there.


Handy tip: if you cleaned your applicator, do the same process for it too!


Put them back out on some clean paper towel, give a bit of a brush with a clean spoolie, and your Custom Lashes are back in action, ready for application!

Check out our video of this process here!

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