How To

Putting On Bond

Let’s start on our Custom Lashes application together! 


The first important step is to ensure your eyelashes are clean and dry. A makeup wipe can help remove any product which might’ve been left behind and then pat with an eye pad. This is just to give the perfect base for us to put our Custom Lashes on.

 (Handy tip: if you have applied Custom Lashes previous follow our guide ‘here’ for removal of our Bond)

Another helpful step is curling your natural lashes before we apply our Bond. This isn’t a critical step, but it will help the Custom Lashes Extensions and your lashes blend perfectly!


Next, we need to get our Bond ready. Our unique Custom Lashes bond is the secret to transforming your lashes into at-home lash extensions (you can pick it up ‘here’ if you missed it)! 

Unscrew the top of the applicator, and you will see a little micro-mascara wand (its delicate design is to help you get the most precise application).


Using your dominant hand, hold the applicator and gently brush the micro-wand just above your waterline (1-2 mm is perfect) at the top of your eye (handy tip: you just need to put a little there, it goes a long way!) 


Once we have our Bond coating, we can begin applying your ‘Custom Lashes Extensions’!


Check out our video of the process here!

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