Help! I Made a Mistake!

Help! I Made a Mistake!

Never fear! Even the most pro-lash appliers make a mistake here and there. We’ve put together some common ones which you can refer to along your Custom Lashes journey: 


-    My Custom Lashes won’t stick to my eyelashes. What should I do?

This can sometimes happen when we wait a bit too long before putting our Custom Lashes on after we apply our Bond

Using our ‘Remover’, just remove the layer of Bond which was applied with the wand and brush away any excess with a cotton wool pad.

Using another cotton wool pad with just water on it, gently wipe the eye again. Make up removal (or Micellar water) - need to remove all the oil so water wont be enough

Pat dry with a towel, and it’s good to be reapplied!


-    My eyelashes look clumpy. What have I done?

This is a common one, especially if you are used to using eyelash glue on strip lashes

The clumpy look will happen if we use too much of our Bond over our natural lashes

    • We only need to use a small amount above the waterline of our natural lashes for our Custom Lashes to grip on (here’s a ‘video’ showing how to apply exactly.


-    My Custom Lashes aren’t stuck completely on my eyelashes. How do I get them to do this?

We can make sure our Custom Lashes are applied securely by clamping them to our own lashes using the applicator

After around 5-minutes from applying them, we can pinch them together again with seals them shut (here’s our ‘video’ on how to do this)


-    My Custom Lashes keep sticking to my applicator. How do I fix this?

This often happens when we have a bit of Bond, which has accidentally gone onto the applicator.

When in the middle of applying your custom lashes:

    • Use a makeup wipe to wipe the applicator clean
    • Dry with a cotton wool pad, and it will be stick-free

Before applying your Custom Lashes:

    • Pop the applicator in a small container with either some makeup remover or some alcohol (like Isopropanol Alcohol) and leave to soak for 10 minutes
    • Wash under water afterwards and dry for brand-new applicators!


-    One of my Custom Lashes Extensions fell off. What should I do?

Understanding the right amount of Bond needed to attach your Custom Lashes can take one or two goes, and that’s totally normal!

If one has fallen off, it just required a little more Bond to make it grip fully

Using a little more Bond on that strip will help it connect. Alternatively, you can use our ‘Remover’ and follow our ‘Removal Steps’ to pop all segments back on with a bit more Bond this time


 (Tip: making sure your Custom Lashes and natural lashes are clean between uses by following our ‘How-To’ guide here will ensure they grip together perfectly)


Something else which has come up? That’s what we’re here for! 


Feel free to send us a message or contact us on our socials to see how we can help :) 


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