Is Custom Lashes for Me?

Is Custom Lashes for Me?

We are so glad you asked! 


The beauty world is confusing, to say the least. Trying to find the best products takes so much time and often costs a lot in the process.


Because there are so many products out there and so much information, it can feel like it is just too much. Certain products can also make you feel like you need a level of expertise to use them and can be really discouraging. 


I know this as a lash technician and a beauty lover myself. 

Even while I was doing my training, I felt like there was this inside beauty world with expectations. I found it very hard to find a product that empowered me instead of making me feel not good enough.


This is why Custom Lashes are for everyone. 


We have designed our system so that once you have the basics, it’s now in your hands, and you can decide how you would like to do the Custom Lashes way. 


Often it can feel like a sacrifice between time and beauty, but our system works for both. The under 5-minute application process means even the busiest woman can be a part of Custom Lashes. 


Each Premapped and Lash Tray comes in a different style, so you can feel comfortable choosing the perfect one for you. Inspired by the most popular lash extensions I have done, they are created for your experience. 


No matter the style, each design looks effortlessly natural, so they are a part of you. 


I have also found that my clients want natural-looking, daily wear extensions but just find paying for them is too much. With the Custom Lashes way, you can have extensions every day of the week, which are reusable and inexpensive. Lash extensions are no longer something just for special occasions! 


We equip women with tools and knowledge to do their own applications because beauty products shouldn’t be exclusive for those with a lot of time or spare money to spend. It’s for all, and it should always be this way. 


Every woman is a part of our Custom Lashes movement. No matter time, expertise or money, beauty is always achievable here.


That’s what we support!

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