What Are Custom Lashes?

What Are Custom Lashes?

The age of only lash technicians being able to create gorgeous eyelash extensions is over. 


We are the revolution, the Custom Lashes way for every woman, always!


Here at Custom Lashes, we give you all the tools to apply your own lash extensions at home in under 5 minutes with reusable products which help you save time and money.


Custom Lashes are a new system of lash extensions that includes everyone, no matter your expertise.


Seal The Deal:


The secret is in our Bond, which allows you to apply your Custom Lashes Extensions for up to a week. Our Bond’s secure dual-purpose properties mean it grips while you want it to, but it comes right off when you’re ready to remove your lashes!


Making It Easy:


Our Pre Mapped Extensions and Extension Trays are designed for the easiest application possible. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, which use individual hairs that can be very difficult to apply, our Lash Segment System means flawless application every time.


Stuck On You:


Unlike strip or magnetic lashes, your Custom Lashes Extensions will stay put for up to a week! Even better, you won’t need to book an appointment to fix your infill like with regular lash extensions – you can do it at home in under 5 minutes!


Oh, So Natural:


Traditional strip lashes or magnetic lashes are noticeable close-up due to the visibility of the lashes’s band on top of the eye.  We have designed each Custom Lashes segment with the thinnest band to blend seamlessly underneath your own lashes for undetectable results.


The diameter of each segment also works with your own eye shape, allowing you to place each segment to fit perfectly!


Getting Creative:


Custom Lashes is a new system allowing you to also get creative with your lash extensions which are usually only achievable for lash technicians. Our Custom Lashes allow you to stack your segments, adding volume or length as you decide through our multi-layered system. This means no matter the volume, your Custom Lashes always look natural.


Saving It Up: 


One of the main purposes behind Custom Lashes is to empower you with the tools to do your own lash extensions in the quickest, most affordable way. Our Custom Lashes are reusable, so you don’t need to constantly buy new products or spend money every week at the salon.


Additionally, our Bond and Remover are 3-month supplies to keep you going through the whole season! 


Here For All:


Custom Lashes are 100% cruelty-free and support our environment through recyclable and reusable products because we want to help you feel good about your choices too. 


Here For You:


We are so excited to have you join our Custom Lashes Movement! Because every woman should have beautiful, sustainable, easy to use beauty products without the price tag. 


For every woman, always. 

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