What Makes Custom Lashes So Affordable?

What Makes Custom Lashes So Affordable?

The two core principles behind Custom Lashes are affordability and accessibility. Let's get into how Custom Lashes help save you money!


Okay, so we all know that salons are expensive.


And they need to be as well because of the time and expertise spent by the lash technician. This was one of the problems I encountered myself as a lash technician: I wanted to lower my prices for my clients, but I couldn't because of the time and skill I had to use.


There are also strip lashes, which wind up sometimes being even more expensive than getting lash extensions professionally done!


Because they are designed for single wear use, they don't allow you to wear them for long periods of time. Reapplication often means they start to get a bit unruly, and after 3 days of reapplying, it's time to buy some new ones.


This is where the Custom Lashes design takes the best from both methods and eliminates their downfalls:


-    Custom Lashes are designed to be reused:

Because our Bond holds the extensions in place for up to a week, you don't experience the wear and tear of reapplying them every day.


-    We give you the tools to be your own lash technician:

With our Bond and Remover, you can now both apply and remove your own extensions.
This also means no cost for infills as you can easily do them yourself at home!


-    Our tools last:

Our Bond and Remover last up to 3-months (lasting a lot longer than regular glue!)

This means that weekly your application cost for your lash extensions is less than $2

The savings are astronomical compared to what a salon needs to charge in the same situation (because you have the salon at home!)


-    We make lash extensions accessible to all:

Our time is the most valuable thing we have, especially as modern-day women

Through equipping you with the tools and skills to easily do your own professional lash extensions at home, you get the best of both worlds


Custom Lashes is here to give you quality products that you can use quickly and reuse repeatedly.


Through this method, we can save our customers money and time, which is so precious to all of us.


This is the new way. The Custom Lashes way, and we welcome you to our family!

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